Friday, July 5, 2013

July 5th--Sayre Rodeo

They are off to the Sayre Rodeo with Nana and Papa.  
Eating at the new McDonald's first....then rodeo at 8:00pm.

Then Aunt Kimmie will run barrels in the "slack" part of the rodeo...
really means she's running AFTER the rodeo....which could be midnight!!
The kids left at 6:00!!! gonna be a long night...but they can nap or hang out in the trailer in between!
I sent jammies.....

My favorite cowgirl and cowboy!
Love you!

4th of July

Our version of our "fireworks"   Glow sticks!!!
I had the shutter speed set high and had the kids
just swirl their glow sticks around....kinda funny!

Horsin' Around.....

More of Hannalee on Pete! 

Papa Jerry...

Okay.....this little Buckaroo just THINKS
he's rough and tough.....

His Papa told hiim to look as if he were 
being bucked around by this "wild  bronc" horse!!!

The horse is standing VERY. STILL.

JJ is not!  


Love you both to the moon and back! 

Sunday, June 30, 2013

Just Hannalee

Brownies.....I bribed her with brownies.......

JJ got to go with Kennedy to spend the it's been two nights....with Aunt Kimmie up at Cheyenne.  Well....three's a crowd.....I guess especially when #3 isn't quite 5 years old and the other kids are 2nd and 4th grade.

So Sad Sister had to just spend the night at home.  Alone.  With nobody to play with.  But!!!  a box of brownies to make....dishes to wash...and getting to sleep in a sleeping bag in our room on the floor....kinda made the rest of the world not feel so "that's not fair" after a bit!  

Then this morning while we were getting ready for church I noticed that it was quiet.
So I asked Dusty where Hannalee was....he thought she was just in her room playing.
I still too quiet for that.
I figured I'd better go check on her....I was really afraid she was 
outside riding her scooter with her church clothes on.
So I went to her room where I found her door more than half closed.
Not usually a good sign.
But!! Alas!!  Sweet Girl was on her bed, with headphones on,
listening to music on her iPhone!

I felt like I had a fleeting glimpse of her at age 13 rather than at almost 5!
It was precious!
We love that you love music and love to sing Hannalee!

And then...after an afternoon riding Pete and hanging out with papa and nana......
home to supper and sleep.

My baby girl!  She'll be 5 next Sunday!!!

Water Park & Backyard

And again...another activity we did.....instead of Colorado......the water park at Woodward (very fun!!) and playing in the water in our backyard....after Kennedy and Kaden spent the night!

Tye Dye & Riding Pete

Taylor and Skylar came over for the night.
I had been wanting to do a tye dye project so this was the day finally!
They turned out GREAT!  It was fun...wasn't as messy as I thought and looks cool!
I'd even do it again!

Hannalee is turning into a "rider!"  
She's been riding Pete lately all by herself! 
Isn't she cute??!! 
Love you!!!